World record
The World Record. Really we are thankful to Almighty Allah for its successful completion in a very short time.

Ariel World Largest Kurta
This event took place at Pakistan Sports Board Ground opp. National Stadium, Karachi. This Kurta was made at our warehouse from 800m high quality fabric. It's measurement as done by SGS Pakistan were 101ft long and 59.6ft wide. It was hanged on a huge 125ft high iron frame and supported by 7-armed crane. A large number of people came to view this man-made miracle.

Ariel Largest Pyramid Product Display
P&G & Guls Studio joined hands for another historical event when the largest pyramid shape product display was created at Metro Karachi. The dimensions of the pyramid were 60ft (width) x 60ft (length) x 60ft (height) and the total weight of the structure was a massive 150 tons. This achievements was appreciated by the visitors and general public.

Guls made the Largest Pamper Display on 36 pilots Makro Star Gate, Karachi. Approximately 15,000 Pampers were displayed for the public for a period of one month at Makro. Thousands of peoples appreciated and bought the Pampers. Department of Guls Studio executed the design. It was World’s third record event that was managed and executed by Guls for P&G.

Largest Head & Shoulders Bottle
Guls created World’s Largest Head & Shoulders Bottle which height was 20 ft. not only created the bottle but also carried out over all event management. A marvelous and beautiful event ambiance was designed by Guls 20 ft. bottle icon has been covered with high-drip on the big stage and unveiled after in augural addresses. Follow & spot lighting was creating wonderful impact inside and the whole surrounding, at the end of launching, colorful fireworks set off that was really fantastic.

Team Work

Lasting Impact

Colorful & Attractive


Unpresedented Exposure

Extremely Eye-catching

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