Trend Setter
In the past 10 years, Muhammad Gulzar Mughal has demonstrated exceptional talent and skills in making Guls Studio as a trendsetter in the field of Event Management. Prior to Guls Studio, Customers used to make their own stalls, dismantle them and then send them to the warehouse, facing much inconvenience and hassle. Guls Studio changed things for the better-naming the new trend Exhibition Stand Rental Trend. Today due to Muhammad Gulzar Mughal’ relentless efforts Guls Studio has become the pioneer in the field of events and exhibition.
He has been activity involved in introducing several new concepts and ideas, including the rental packages, furnishing 5000 rental exhibits to 500 major clients.
Mr.Mughal’s work has been characterized by excellence in Exhibition Design, construction, Expo Ambiance & Decoration services. As a brand scientist, Mr. Mughal made Guls Studio a market leader and bench marked in events management in Pakistan.
Mr. Mughal believes that while Guls Studio’s client frequently win best-show awards, their real success is seen in the new business that they generate and behind the scenes, it is Guls Studio’s continuous work towards new ideas and new concepts for the client’s success.

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