Our Team


Backbone of Our Success

Guls Studio is appreciative of its skillful, talented and meticulous team that works with diligence, commitment and sincerity to complete each and every project to the satisfaction of our clients, which further builds the stature and brand value of Guls Studio. Our team comprises of experienced and dynamic individuals who are passionate to take on challenges and are trained to respond promptly and effectively to the clients’ queries. We have created an enabling environment where team members are encouraged to demonstrate their skills, and every possible opportunity is provided for them to grow.

Our Leadership Foundation & Expectation Competency Model lets every team member know the exact skills and abilities required to succeed.  We have recently launched an Employee Motivation Program, where team members are awarded points based on their efforts that make them eligible for bonus at conclusion of the project. We make sure to follow Talent Planning Routines, and our Annual Best Team Survey lets team members voice their opinion, which helps in their own growth and also increases our business.









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