Exhibit Logistics & Storage Service


Providing Specialized & Dedicated Solutions

One of the prime difficulties encountered by exhibitors is to ensure safe and secure transportation of their exhibit stalls/stands and other equipment to the exhibition site. Then there are the issues of complex price structures and vague guarantees given by different logistics & storage services.

Guls Studio can take care of all your logistics requirements through our specialized and dedicated logistics & storage service. We can securely transport your stands and exhibit equipment anywhere in the world and promise on-time and in-order delivery. Our extensive experience and wide contacts in the world of logistics around the globe ensure that you get no untoward surprises.Whether road, rail, air or sea, we can ship your equipment securely through your preferred mode of transport, So whether your want to transport using economical sea freight or desire immediate delivery in air cargo, we will make sure your specific needs are fulfilled. Guls studio can also manage your corporate travel plans. From ticket reservations, hotel bookings to travel bookings, etc. we can make you a travel plan that's within your budget and ensure that you and your people are properly taken care of during overseas and local travels. You can always count on Guls Studio to do the leg work for you, while you keep focus on your core business.

Less Shipping Cost

Dedicated Storage Facility

Safe & Secure

Delivery on Time

Corporate Travel Plans

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