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Guls Studio has made a lot of Trend set in the field of Event Management Industry. So we say we are Trend-Setter. Out of this, we made a Trend in exhibition industry. Its name is Exhibition Stand Rental Trend. Before this practice the clients made their stall at own, dismantle and then sent to their warehouse. For this process the clients have to face many problems. Now Guls Studio finished such procedure.

Today Guls Studio has the position of Pioneer in Event & Exhibition Industries. Guls Studio has introduced several Rental packages. We have launched Rental Exhibit in the year 2003. By the grace of Almighty Allah Guls Studio furnished.5000 Rental Exhibits to 500 major Clients.

Official Stand Builder and Ambiance Designer
Guls Studio has been Official Stand Builder and Official Ambiance Designer for the last 10 years ((from 1999 to 2009) Every 9 out of 10 Exhibition’s Official Ambiance Designs & Customized Stand Builders belongs to Guls Studio. We are very thankful to Almighty Allah for this creditability.

Client Peace of Mind

We design your stall at our factory to keep you free from all worries.
The following benefits will also be available for you:

  1. Ensure quality of work
  2. Avoid of un-systematic work at venue.
  3. To see the colour combination of your stall before Exhibition.
  4. Slate of brand at proper place.
  5. Display of the product well in time before Event.
  6. Alteration of slight defects.
  7. To see your stall and satisfy.
  8. To keep your company safe from any problem.

The good work is called Team work. The manager who monitors the work is made responsible for any defect. So select the good vendor for 100% delivery. Team work is always called the best.

Guls Studio Events & Exhibition Stands

Guls Studio has proud to have the honor of every small and large Exhibition in Pakistan. After the Almighty Allah we are thankful to all Exhibition Organizer who trusted and supported us to make their strategic partner, to achieve the position of Guls Studio in the market.

Guls Studio 15000 Sketches Turn into Reality:
Guls Studio has so far given the shape of reality to 15000 sketches. So everybody knows we are turn sketch into reality we offer concept design to our clients free of charge.

Guls Studio Storage Facility:
At factory Guls Studio stores customized stalls of the 500 Clients. On re-rental the customized design, our Clients participant the exhibition by controlling their budget.

They get rid of their vendors to deal with again and again. Tension free and with full confidence the Clients focus on activity to achieve the target provided by their management in the exhibition.

Life Time Free design to Corporate Clients Sponsorship
Guls Studio is No.1 exhibit designing company of Pakistan with over 15 year experience of industry and we are very proud to serving more than 152 clients from different industries. We are happy to announce our “Corporate Clients Membership Benefits Plan”. This unique program has been designed to provide our regular and new clients a bunch of complementary services including Free Layout Plan, Free 3D Views, and Free Estimation and many more, after get in to our members club you can enjoy these complementary services.

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